At Caritas Tal-Ibwar we seek to accompany and empower adolescents struggling with problematic substance use, to reach their full potential and achieve a meaningful life. We aim to do this by collaborating with their families and caregivers, and by providing learning experiences and psycho-social interventions, delivered through day and residential therapeutic services.

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Therapeutic community

Everyday events are seen as opportunities for therapeutic growth to encourage new ways of thinking and behaving.

Seven challenges groups

These specialised groups aim to support adolescents to evaluate and to gain a deeper understanding of their use of substances.

Milieu Therapy

A therapeutic approach where everyday events are opportunities for therapeutic growth and where home like surroundings encourage healthier ways of thinking and behaving.

Individual psychotherapy

During these sessions each adolescent can explore their personal issues in a one-to-one setting.

KeyWorking Sessions

Each adolescent at Tal-Ibwar is assigned a keyworker who will accompany them in their journey at Caritas Tal-Ibwar.

Creative Arts Therapy

During these interventions, adolescents participate in therapeutic and creative activities with a trained professional.

Social Work

Social work includes reaching out to adolescents and caregivers to help them develop their skills, connect with their community, solve problems and access resources.

Family Support Groups

For caregivers and significant others. These groups offer a safe place to share and process the ”family experience” in relation to addiction.

Family Therapy

Family therapy aims to support families and caregivers to develop new ways of communicating and resolving conflicts.


Aftercare provides ongoing support to the adolescent and their caregivers after the completion of either the day or residential programmes, in order to maintain and to build on what has already been achieved.


Team games at the multipurpose pitch, physical training at the assault course and yoga.

Accredited Courses

These courses are offered as part of the day programme (Tal-Ibwar Learning Hub) and include media studies, outdoor education, hospitality studies, agribusiness, woodwork, pottery and core subjects (English, Maltese and Mathematics).

Adventure therapy

Adventure therapy uses outdoor experiences such as trekking, camping and kayaking to offer alternative therapeutic opportunities for personal growth.

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