NEW HOPE is the Fondazzjoni Caritas Malta Foundation for Rehabilitation of Persons with Drug Abuse Problems.  Indeed, the Foundation offers new hope to persons with such problems though professional and competent rehabilitation, tailored on long-term experience in the drug rehabilitation, prevention and education fields. The services

  • Focus on present needs to prepare for the future.
  • Address different human dimensions including the physical, spiritual, socio-legal, psychological and mental aspects.
  • Seek the true and primary needs of persons suffering from serious drug-related problems through active inter-dependent communication with clients.
  • Reach out to their client population through proactive and assertive outreach that includes street and home visits.
  • Offer intensive residential services to drug abusers coming off methadone.
  • Has a complement of staff and volunteers who are professional, experienced, trained, supported, and supervised.
  • Hold that through rehabilitation – which is transitory – drug abusers can benefit from another opportunity to think, reflect and learn for themselves.
  • Provide different residential Centres, in relaxing settings, which offer a secure environment.

A tribute to the staff that worked at New Hope Project in 2019. Without their love and dedication New Hope Project cannot succeed...