Evening Programme

Evening Programme

  • At NEW HOPE, we understand that the journey to recovery is unique for every individual.  For those who may not find a residential programme suitable, we provide tailored solutions through our comprehensive evening sessions.  These sessions are crafted to support individuals in their recovery process, offering a blend of individual and group therapy that serves as a foundation for reconnecting with life, people, and oneself.

  • What We Offer

  • Individual and Group Therapy: Our evening sessions focus on both individual and group therapy, providing a supportive environment where participants can share experiences, gain insights, and receive personalized guidance from our experienced staff.

  • Relearning Connection: We assist individuals in rediscovering the joy of genuine human connections. Our sessions help rebuild meaningful relationships, paving the way for a fulfilling, clean life.

  • Relapse Prevention and New Life Skills: We equip participants with essential skills for relapse prevention and empower them to create a new way of living. Our programmes cover a range of topics, including shifting addiction, co-dependency, gambling, self-identity, self-esteem, and anger management.

  • Emotional Wellness: Our sessions delve into vital aspects of emotional well-being, such as emotional intelligence, managing family roles, and fostering spirituality. These elements play a crucial role in the recovery journey, and we give them the attention they deserve.

  • Comprehensive Support: Beyond therapy, we address practical needs such as legal issues, health concerns, and employment support. We believe in providing holistic assistance, ensuring individuals have the necessary resources to rebuild their lives.

  • Family and Support Network: We recognize the importance of a strong support system. That's why we extend our support to family members and support persons, helping them understand the recovery process and offering guidance on how they can be a source of strength for their loved ones.

  • Your Journey, Our Commitment:

    At NEW HOPE, we are dedicated to guiding you towards a brighter, healthier future.  Our Evening Programme is more than just a recovery group; the programme is a bridge to a life filled with purpose, connection, and fulfilment.  No matter where you are in your recovery journey, our compassionate team is here to walk alongside you, offering unwavering support and empowering you to embrace a clean, meaningful life.  Take the next step towards your recovery with NEW HOPE – where transformation begins.