Semi-residential / Re-Entry / Aftercare

Recovery is a lifelong journey


When a person completes his residential phase  in San Blas Therapeutic community  they move to Dar Charles Miceli in Mosta. This is a new service which started operating in March 2018.  The service offers a semi-residential programme similar to a half way house where we support the person to slowly integrate back into society, we offer therapeutic groups and sessions and focus on their tailor made treatment plans which will include, employment, housing, relationships, finances, health and legal matters. We also give importance to hobbies and life long learning/courses and ensure that the person feels confident enough to move back in society and of course the employment world.

National Aftercare

National Aftercare is a life long programme that offers persons who have successfully completed different rehabilitation programmes a support network to help them maintain drug abstinence and achieve fulfilment in life. Each person can benefit from therapeutic sessions and also therapeutic groups sessions. This phase consists of the maintenance phase and interventions are carried out when needed.