Community Outreach


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Community Outreach

Community Outreach involves the Djakonia Commission and Help Age which work in parishes and local communities. The aim of Community Outreach is to reach out to others, and be present in parishes and in the communities in order to understand better the people’s needs, an aim which is reached through involvement in the community.

Community Outreach within Caritas Malta:

  • Offers regular visit to parishes and communicates with the parish priest and Djakonia Commission to improve the service within the Parish
  • Offers an alternative way of living for the elderly; to remain active within their community through the Social Clubs
  • Conduct research studies to analyse the situation of the parishes and through research offer viable options on the way they can improve their services in the community
  • Offers a youth group service, Caritas Youths, where youths are involved in organising activities, meeting new people and share organisation responsibilities
  • Works hand in hand with Caritas Europa through various projects
  • Creates awareness on different social issues through advocacy

Being present in the community helps Fondazzjoni Caritas Malta, feel the pulse of the people. Community Outreach makes sure that the voice of the people is not only heard, but amplified, so that the local authorities and concerned stakeholders are made aware of the difficulties people are facing.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]