Caritas Malta Epilepsy Association (CMEA) has launched a toolkit in English and Maltese in conjunction with International Epilepsy Day on 11 February 2019, which is celebrated worldwide on the second Monday in February. The toolkit was funded by PEKTUR, a funding scheme by the Commissioner for the Promotion of the Rights for Persons with Disability. Mr Frank Portelli, President of CMEA presented a copy of the toolkit to Mr Oliver Scicluna, Commissioner CPRD.

In his presentation, Mr Portelli explained how epilepsy is the most common neurological brain disorder, caused by abnormal excessive electric discharges. It affects over 1% of population worldwide and around 4000 persons in Malta and Gozo. Many advances have been made on its causes and several new medicines are now available which control seizures in over 70% of cases. Yet, in several countries, including Europe, persons with epilepsy still face social exclusion and discrimination. This adversely affects employment and education of persons with this condition.

Over the last two decades, CMEA, which was set up by voluntary workers in 1996, and now lists almost 300 members, has been working hard to promote more local awareness about epilepsy. This toolkit is intended to provide basic information on the condition to the public and it also provides information which will help persons with epilepsy be better equipped to have a better quality of life. It is intended to complement the medical advice and instructions given by the medical professionals. The toolkit will be used by CMEA to supplement their outreach activities and training programmes to various stakeholders such as parents, employers, police officers, care workers and educators.

For more information contact CMEA on maltaepilepsy@gmail.com.