Tender for Finishing & Landscaping Works, Electrical, Mechanical, ELV & Lifts

Tender for Finishing & Landscaping Works, Electrical, Mechanical, ELV & Lifts

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  1. Dear Caritas Malta Team,

    I take the liberty of contacting you today to express our interest in participating as volunteers with your association. My name is Selyan Tararbit, and I am a student at Excelia in France, along with my twin brother Lounis-Pierre Tararbit. We are both 20 years old and we are very interested in your association and the cause you defend, which is to fight against poverty and drug addiction.

    We are very motivated and available from May 18 to participate in humanitarian missions, in order to better understand the world of humanitarianism as a whole. We are aware that being French can be a real challenge for us to play in a different country with people from another culture. However, we are very enthusiastic and motivated to join your project.

    We would be honored to help you focus on issues of poverty, loneliness, mental health and depression. We are both very motivated to serve people in need, especially in these times of crisis. Solidarity with those in need is a value that we share and that we would like to put into practice with the missions that will be entrusted to us by the Caritas Malta association.

    We are convinced that this experience will bring us new skills and allow us to contribute to the cause that is close to your heart. We are ready to work hard to learn and to be fully involved in all the tasks that will be entrusted to us.

    We would also like to point out that we are both French-speaking and that we also speak English and Spanish, which could be an asset in our collaboration with your team.

    We hope that our request to participate and volunteer with your association will catch your attention and we look forward to working with you.


    Selyan Tararbit and Lounis-Pierre Tararbit.

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