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Caritas Internationalis

Caritas Internationalis is a network of 154 national Catholic relief development and social work organisations in 198 countries and territories all over the world. In addition to international structures, Caritas Internationalis also comprises regional structures.

Caritas Europa

Caritas Europa is one of the seven regions of Caritas Internationalis.
Caritas Europa is a confederation composed of national member organisations from 43 European Countries. The members are autonomous.

WFTC - World Federation of Therapeutic Communities

A worldwide association of sharing, understanding and co-operation within the global Therapeutic Communities Movement. It's aim is to widen recognition and acceptance of the Therapeutic community and the Therapeutic Community approach among health organisations and health delivery systems of international and national bodies.

HelpAge International

HelpAge International (HAI) is a global network of not-for-profit organisations in over 70 countries with a mission to work with and for disadvantaged older people worldwide to achieve a lasting improvement in the quality of their lives.

(Federation of International Associations for Elderly Persons)