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The Organisation

The Mission

Caritas mission is to alleviate poverty and promote human development and social justice, witnessing to the Christian faith and Gospel values. To fulfil this mission, Caritas:

. . . on the side of people in need.- Adheres to the guiding values and principles of the Pastoral Plan of the Diocese and the Strategic Plan of Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Europa;

- Renews its preferential option for the poor and gives witness of this commitment within the Christian community;

- Raises public awareness of poverty and injustice;

- Facilitates co-operation within and beyond the Caritas organisation in order to address the old and new faces of poverty;

- Acts as the voice of the poor and enables the poor to become agents for change.

The Vision

Drawing its inspiration from Scripture, the Church's Social teaching, and the experiences and hopes of people in difficulty, Caritas Malta strives towards a "civilisation of love" within the Maltese community where:

- the dignity and the fundamental rights of each person are safeguarded and respected;
- truth, charity, justice, peace, freedom and solidarity are lived and promoted;
- the common good prevails over individual interests
- the environment is protected and embellished;
- disadvantaged persons are empowered to develop their resources and helped to restore their sense of co-responsibility in building a better society where all are gathered into a single human family from which no one is excluded.