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Fondazzjoni Caritas Malta would like to invite interested individuals to submit their applications for the position of Head of the Counselling and Social Work Unit on a full-time basis. Without prejudice to this position, management reserves the right to effect internal movements of such roles depending on the needs of the organisation.

The Role

The Head of Counselling and Social Work Unit has to ensure that the services being provided meet the required professional standards as well as Caritas’ expectations in terms of its mission towards people in need. S/he shall manage a team of professionals made up of counsellors, psychotherapists, and social workers who provide therapeutic or social work interventions to vulnerable clients, and shall conduct with them one-to-one supervision, group supervision, and team meetings. The Head shall also coordinate various support groups together with the team and ensure that these are being effective.

Apart from managing the operations of the unit, the selected person has to take on the necessary administrative duties as well whilst ensuring that the organisation’s policies and procedures are adhered to. In addition to this, s/he shall work closely and collaborate with management and other heads/colleagues from other units as necessary, contribute to media interventions as requested, and maintain good relationships with internal and external stakeholders. In this role, the selected person shall be able to develop the services and procedures of the unit to meet internal and external changes, to respond to emerging trends in the social sector.

The Head of Counselling and Social Work Unit is accountable to the Director of Fondazzjoni Caritas Malta.

The Person

Individuals interested in this role shall meet the following requirements:

  • possess a degree in Social Work and/or a qualification in Counselling or Psychotherapy;
  • possess a relevant warrant;
  • have a minimum of six years of experience in the field, preferably with experience in a leadership position;
  • be highly organized, responsible, meticulous, and accountable;
  • have a strong aptitude for teamwork;
  • possess effective and empathic leadership skills;
  • be mature with sound moral values;
  • have a strong inclination towards social justice and champion the values of care and compassion towards vulnerable persons;
  • possess excellent verbal and written communication in both Maltese and English;
  • be IT literate;
  • possess a clean driving licence;

Interested individuals are invited to send their CV together with a cover letter to the Human Resources Manager via email on or by mail. Qualifications and experience claimed must be supported by certificates and/or testimonials. The deadline for submissions is Friday 9th August 2019.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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