Counselling and Social Work

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Words don’t come easy…

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The Unit

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text margin_top=”50″]Often, throughout life we go through difficult experiences, sometimes the reasons may be psychological and/or relational and at other times it may be social or financial.  During these times a listening ear and helping hand may be just what we need to get back on our feet and continue our journey.  For this reason Caritas offers various services which fall under the Counselling and Social Work Unit.

The service of psychotherapy and counselling is offered to adults, couples and young adults.  The team is made up of qualified psychotherapists and counsellors.

Social work assistance is provided to those families or individuals who may be struggling with social or financial issues.

SHIP is another Caritas project which aims to provide individuals and families with second hand items, such as furniture and white goods.

Workshops tackling various psychological themes are offered to the public on a yearly basis.  The dates and topics of such workshops are advertised through media platforms and on the Caritas facebook page.

The unit also offers different forms of support groups which are facilitated by dedicated volunteers.

  • Young Separated Support Group: open to individuals who are facing the struggles of a marital separation.
  • Rose Group: which opens its doors to individuals over the age of 55, who are also struggling with issues of separation and the loss of a loved one.
  • Thursday club: offering support to persons struggling with mental health difficulties.
  • Huntington’s Support – one to one support is offered to individuals who are diagnosed with the condition of Huntington’s.
  • Emotions Anonymous: a support group offered to individuals who wish to explore their emotions and how to process them more effectively.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous and Al Anon: open to individuals who struggle with an alcohol addiction. Support is also available for the family involved.
  • Gambling Anonymous & Gam Anon: open to individuals and families who struggle with a gambling addiction.

Another form of support which is offered at Caritas, is guidance for those who are affected by the difficult reality of Usury[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text margin_top=”50″]

The Team

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Ms. Catherine Psaila
Full-time Psychotherapist

Mr. J. Spiteri
Volunteer – Second Hand Items Project

Ms. M. Parnis England
Volunteer – Huntington’s

Ms. A. Micallef
Volunteer – Young Separated

Ms. J. Dingli
Volunteer – ROSE Group

Ms. A. Cassar
Volunteer – ROSE Group

Ms. E. Galea
Volunteer – ROSE Group

Ms. A. Agius
Volunteer – Thursday club

Mr. A. Portelli
Volunteer – Usury

Mr. S. Fenech
Volunteer – Usury[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Ms. Xanthe Schembri
Part-time Psychotherapist

Ms. Eleanor Borg
Psychotherapist/Head of Counselling & Social Work

Mr. J. Chetcuti
Volunteer – Gambling Anonymous

Ms. Chetcuti
Volunteer – Gam Anon

Mr. C. Incorvaja
Volunteer – Alcoholics Anonymous

Ms. Incorvaja
Volunteer – Al Anon

Ms. M. Mizzi
Volunteer – Emotions Anon

Ms. J. Mascari
Volunteer – ROSE Group

Ms. M. Mercieca
Volunteer – ROSE Group

Ms. C. Farrugia
Volunteer – Thursday Club

Ms. L. Bellizzi
Volunteer – Usury

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