Harm Reduction Male Shelter

Also at San Blas, limits of Żebbuġ, Malta, our  Harm Reduction Shelter assists clients in their detoxification process and prepares them for  rehabilitation. The Shelter also offers help to homeless people with a drug use issue. In it, clients find a homely, and caring environment, which gives them the stability and support which may be missing from their lives. The Shelter is intended to look and feel like a normal home, with the setup and décor being deliberately as non-clinical as possible.

The Harm Reduction Shelter, the only one of its kind in Malta, also acts as a concrete means of containing criminal activity associated with rampant drug use and homelessness. The ripple effect, however, is much wider. It releases some pressure on the court system, national medical services, and the unemployment benefits system. The Shelter, directly or indirectly, benefits the whole of Maltese society.