Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
The Employee Assistance Programme is designed to help client entities identify and facilitate solutions to issues associated with employees’ personal and family social problems such as, addication to drugs, alcohol or gambling, health, and marriage-related and emotional stress. This is the only service in the Caritas Malta portfolio for which the client (in this case an entity employing persons) is expected to make a contribution towards costs.


Prevention Education Awareness

Tel: 2590 6600

Caritas Malta believes in education to prevent courses of action which may lead to difficulties in one’s life.  Through our Prevention Education programmes we cater for children, youths, adults, and older people, operating in different settings including schools, parishes, and industry and on a national level.  We offer the following services:
The Focus programme is based on interactive sessions for students in Primary  (Year 6) and Secondary Schools (Forms I to IV) in State, Church and private schools, aimed at character-building, resistance to negative pressures, and knowledge of the harmful effects of drugs and other substances.

Week-end-end seminars
Week-end Seminars are held for students from Forms IV and V to helping young persons realise they have to be in command of their lives and emerge as leaders. These residential seminars cover topics such as assertiveness, conflict-solving , communications, relationships, spirituality, and the harmful effects of different addictions.
Pit Stop Club
At the Pit Stop Club, follow-up meetings are organised for persons who have attended week-end seminars to go deeper into the topics dealt with in the seminars. The Club also organises social activities during the year.

Parental Skills
Caritas Malta’s Parental Skills Courses separately address parents with children up to 11 years of age and those whose children are in the 12 to 18-year age bracket. These Courses train parents in the style of leadership at home, communications, the behaviour of children, building self esteem, responsibility, knowledge of drugs and other topics.

Caritas offers the service of professional speakers to cover requests for talks about substance misuse and on family-related topics. Requests mainly come from State, Private and Church Schools, industry, political parties, and Local Councils.

National Conferences
On a national level, through ProgettImpenn, Caritas organises conferences related to family social issues.


Community Outreach

Caritas Malta is committed to the eradication of poverty and social exclusion.  It coordinates social and charitable action at parish level through its Community Outreach Unit (Diaconia).This Unit forms part of the Diocesan Secretariat for Social and Charitable Action. The Community Outreach team, which comprises both staff members and volunteers, works at different levels: Parish, National, European and International.


Parish Level

Hundreds of volunteers working within Diaconia Commissions in parishes provide services to families in material need, make home visits to the sick and the elderly, assist  the disabled, distribute EU surplus stocks, visit Church and State care institutions,  and carry out other charitable work with marginalized groups.


The Community Outreach Unit

  • -unites, strengthens and coordinates the parish Diaconia Commissions by organising regular training,
  • -workshops  and seminars.  These events are aimed at developing the outlook and skills of volunteers engaged in social work with people in difficulty. Research studies are conducted in different parishes to identify the most urgent social needs of the local communities. This enables the parish to better focus its social pastoral work.
  • -establishes, at parish level, new voluntary services for the welfare of persons in need, with the collaboration of the respective Diaconia Commissions.
  • -raises the awareness of the Christian community of its responsibility towards persons in difficulty, and guides them to collaborate with Diaconia Commissions.



Pastoral Visits

In the course of the Pastoral Visits being made by H.E. the Archbishop of Malta Mgr. Paul Cremona O.P., the Community Outreach Unit prepares evaluation reports on the work of the respective Diaconia Commission within the parish due for a Pastoral Visit.



Qormi Diaconia Project – Nghinu l-Fqir fil-Komunita 

The Unit has embarked on a community development project with the two Parishes in Qormi to increase awareness about the phenomenon of poverty, educate the community about pertinent social problems and take collective and concrete action to address them. This project is funded by the Malta Community Chest Fund.

A perception-based social research study of the Qormi community revealed that the most predominant social issue here is related to illegal drug use. Other social issued viewed as urgent are related to family stress, financial difficulties, unemployment and lack of adequate education.  Two part-time social workers are employed to make interventions with families in need referred to them  by the Parish Priests.

The project is backed up by is a weekly radio programme Realtajiet Siekta (Silent Realities) featuring discussions on social issues such as mental health, education, family stress, usury, drug use and material deprivation. The radio programme is broadcast on Lehen il-Belt Gorgjana 105.6 FM and Radio Bastjanizi – 95.0FM. Each month the project core-group publishes posters, flyers and articles in the “Flimkien” magazine that complements the monthly topic discussed on the community radio stations. More information can be found on the Facebook page Nghinu l-Fqir fil-Komunità.


Mobility Project

This Caritas Malta project is aimed to encourage exchanges of good practices or shared responsibility between parishes both locally and abroad.  The project, entitled “U2 can make a difference”, gives parish social volunteers the chance to improve their competencies, knowledge and skills through an attachment with other Caritas member organisations in other countries. Currently the project is in progress in collaboration with Caritas Italiana, Trieste, Firenze, Catania, and Milan.

The visits, which are funded through the EU Leonardo Mobility Projectwill run until July 2012, affording the Maltese participants the opportunity to share experiences with their Italian counterparts.

A total of 20 social volunteers from different parishes in Malta are participating in a 15 day intensive exchange in Italy, which will help them to

  • Create the necessary synergy and leverage effects
  • Increase their knowledge on poverty and social exclusion phenomen
  • Increase their capacity to deal with poverty-related issue
  •  Learn and practise how to play an active role in the fight against poverty and social exclusi
  • Encourage exchanges of good practice and shared responsibilit
  • Co-ordinate mechanisms at EU leve
  •  acquire necessary basic skills to better help others in their fight against poverty and social exclusion.

The first group of Volunteers to go on the U2 can make a difference project.  Left to right:  Paul Vella Haber, who is coordinating the project, and social volunteers  Joe Ellul, Liz Zammit Pavia, Sr Rosette Goggi, Doris Attard and Mario Aquilina.



Social Research

  • In its mission to alleviate poverty and promote human development and social justice, Caritas Malta carries out social research studies to act as the voice of the poor, which is seldom audible. Caritas Malta has commissioned a study on the Minimum Budget for a Decent Living focusing on three low-income household categories. Its main aim is to estimate the cost of a basket of goods and service essential for a decent living. This study is an effort to make a decisive impact on ensuring that all people in Malta have the necessary resources necessary to lead a life that is compatible with human dignity.
  • The Community Outreach Unit coordinates community level research studies using different methodological approaches. The aim of these studies is to make a needs assessment of the parish to assi

At National Level,  the Community Outreach Unit  represents Caritas Malta on the Anti-Poverty Forum Malta (APF Malta), which is a network of NGOs whose main aim is to combat  poverty and social exclusion. AFP Malta, formerly the European Anti Poverty Network Malta, was set up in 2004  and is affiliated to the European Anti-Poverty Network.

Caritas Malta has been an active member since the  inception of APF Malta, and is fully committed to collaborate and network with other social NGOs, supporting initiatives and working in the interest of persons living in poverty and social exclusion. Organisations on the Executive Committee of the APF are:

SOS Malta, Richmond FoundationDiscernCaritas MaltaEjjew GhandiJesuit Centre for Faith and Justice, Millenium Chapel, St. Jeanne Antide Foundation and Arka Foundation.




Inclusion Project

Caritas Malta participates in the three-year INCLUSION project co-financed by the European Commission. INCLUSION stands for Integrating and Nourishing Caritas Learning and Understanding of Social Inclusion through Optimal Networking.

Since social policy making is not on the European Union’s remit, but still a domestic responsibility, the role of civil society in influencing social policy at National level is crucial if we want to achieve social progress at European level. On the other hand, the European Commission needs to know what is happening on the “ground” in the EU member states. Given its grassroots contact with people experiencing poverty, Caritas Malta is actively participating in the shaping of the INCLUSION project.

The objectives of the INCLUSION project are to:

  • improve organizational capacity and management;
  •  voice the conditions, concerns and expectations of people experiencing poverty and social exclusion, discrimination and inequality, andorganisations providing services to people exposed to social exclusion, discrimination and gender inequality;
  •  reinforce the skills of the network and its member organisations to advance, support and further develop EU objectives and priorities at national level; and
  • better integrate cross-cutting issues in day to day work


Social Policy Work Group

Caritas Malta is a full member of the Caritas Europa Social Policy Working Group. This group aims tomonitor and analyse the European policy agenda and its impact on poverty in Europe. It intends to influence policy-making and advocates for European action in the fight against poverty.

Caritas Malta, along with 10 other Caritas member organisations, currently form the Caritas Europa Social Policy Commission.




Caritas Malta Emergency Aid Commison

Caritas Internationalis is known world-wide for its support to people who suffer from calamities such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions, floods, hurricanes, cyclones, drought, conflicts or political crises.  This support includes a rapid, professional and compassionate response during and after the event to those who have lost their possessions.

The Caritas Malta Emergency Aid Commission aims to harness solidarity with the victims of such calamities, both locally and abroad. It appeals to the public for funds to assist stricken people.  Over the years Caritas Malta has responded to such emergencies  to help people all over the globe.

Caritas Malta is thankful to the Maltese people who have always responded generously  to our appeals.

For more information contact the Head of Unit.



Development – Emdibir Ethiopia 

Funded by the Overseas Development Aid Programme of the Maltese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Caritas Malta is implementing an extension of the water supply system in Emdibir, Ethiopia. This extension will promote hygiene and sanitation practices in the villages of Awuyatye, Enengara and Yedremare.

Most villages in Emdibir have no potable water supply and family members, primarily women and children, have to walk long distances carrying small plastic containers to fetch water of dubious quality for their daily needs.  It is thought that about 80 % of the illnesses affecting the population and their cattle is due to the consumption of contaminated water.

EmCS  is working on a number of projects to deliver safe drinking water to these villages.   Up to now over 100 kilometres of such pipelines have been installed.

The communities benefitting from pipeline extension project are in a serious social and economic situation associated with the lack of safe and adequate water supply services. This three-kilometer extension of the pipeline will deliver safe, potable water to three water stations benefitting 2,000 people, including the 800 pupils attending the local primary school.



The HelpAge Unit aims to promote better quality of life for elderly people through its Programmes and Services, which it operates with the help of 170 volunteers.

These volunteers are organized in local committees and enable the co-ordination of 42 Social Clubs spread out in 42 parishes. Volunteers also visit elderly people in Church Residential Homes.

During the coming scholastic year, HelpAge will be organizing inter-generational activtities between 3 schools and Residential Homes for the Elderly in their respective area, with the aim of creating awareness in the young about the potential of the elderly person and the sense of care and appreciation towards them.



Counselling & Social Work

The counselling and social work unit offers various forms of support to those who seek help at Caritas. The team is made up of experienced psychotherapists, counsellors and social workers who are ready to listen and help the individual through the difficulties they may be facing; dealing with loss, marital conflict, family issues, struggling with anxiety, anger, sadness, self-exploration, unplanned pregnancy, separation, decision making, time management, parenthood, usury, gambling, social issues and other experiences.


The Team:

Ms. Eleanor Borg – Psychotherapist, Head of Counselling and Social Work Unit

Ms. Catherine Psaila – Assistant Psychotherapist

Richard Piscopo – Psychotherapist

Ms. Suzanne Pace Decesare – Social Worker


Once you make contact with us, our aim will be to identify your needs and offer you one or more of the following services: one to one counselling, family therapy, couple therapy, social work or group support. All that is shared by our clients is dealt with in strict confidentiality.


Should you wish to contact us, kindly call on 2590 6600


‘It all depends on how we look at things, and not how they are in themselves’.


Carl Jung

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist



Second Hand Items Project (SHIP)

Caritas Malta is providing a service through which unwanted or used items of furniture, home and family equipment are donated to persons who need them.

Such items may include sets or stand-alone pieces of furniture which are being changed, and household equipment which is no longer being used.

Companies with stock they would like to give away may also do so through the SHIP.

To donate or request used items, please click here to fill in and send us the revlevant information..

You may also contact us on Tel. No. 2590 6600 or email us on info@caritasmalta.org.

Usary Foundation

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